Our Experts Pick Their Top Stocks for 2023

  • An early-year rally could be good news for big-cap stocks.
  • A semiconductor stock that could surprise with upside.
  • This big bank may be undervalued.
  • A precious metals play with a compelling chart.
  • A high-dividend large-cap offering a “must have” service could be ready to rally.
  • A value ETF with the potential to outperform again in 2023.

The Real Money and Action Alerts PLUS family has seen their share of good and bad markets, so keeping tabs on what they’re doing can be profit friendly. For instance, many of our expert investors offered their thoughts on the best stocks for 2023 this week.

Should you buy Amazon  (AMZN)  in hopes of an early-year rally? Is Bank of America  (BAC)  too cheap? Is Verizon  (VZ)  a dividend dynamo you ought to own? Read on to learn why our pros are investing their hard-earned money in those stocks (plus two others) and if they are right for you.

Doug Kass:

Kass is an active investor who loves betting against the herd. This week, he released his annual “surprises” list to readers of his Real Money Pro trading diary. In it, he boldly asserted that instead of poor earnings causing stocks to tumble in the first half of the year, the opposite would be true. Better-than-expected results against lowered expectations will fuel a first-half rally that will fizzle after June.

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